What is it?

Process of trading is comprised from different deals on international stock exchanges or brokerage platforms in order to earn additional funds by purchasing and selling of assets presented on market. Such assets are: digital and binary options, stock and currency exchange, deals regarding commodities or other groups of goods.

In a time of furious rapid increase of operations via Internet, Online trading have been appeared. To its benefits can be attributed: working 24/7, distinguished amount of tools and instrument, ability to work via all international markets, option to use personal computer, tab or even smartphone for emergent operations in case of some breaking news. Often operations can be performed via special app, but, for example IQ Option service offers to work as via app, as directly from official site.

How it works?

Any online operations are usually started from creating a personal account and authorization via site. Specifying some identification details and filling the profile in order to provide security to personal data.

In general trading comes down to buying an asset, when it has the lowest cost and try to sell it on a peak. Most of brokers try to help users and make their work easier: news, analytics, price dynamics that are often shown directly on resources, leverage in order to maximize amount of profit and so on. Additionally, reputable services, like IQ Option, can provide benefits, as, for example, trainee accounts, personal assistants, corporate trainings and so on. Thereby, trader can concentrate on a dealing, but not lose valuable time in order to find reliable data sources.

How to start?

After decision about joying to traders’ community was taken, the next finding and actions should be performed:

  • related literature and overviews about main rules, statistics, story of success are found and read;
  • reputable platform, that will provide services and diversity of additional benefits, should be chosen;
  • acknowledge with benefits and opportunities via video overview of the selected broker;
  • official site should be found and testing account created.
  • define amount of initial investment.
  • in case of option account for trainings it should be used.

Amount of funds to be invested

In case the amount was determined and personal balance replenished, the diversification of risks should be made. Investing of the whole sum in the one project at one time should be avoided in order to save money and do not lose all from the first deal. The better way to trade is to invest not more. than 10 percent from the total balance.


There is no matter what motivated the person to start online trading operations: willing to earn additional cash, desire to change a job or simple interest. In case of correct approach chosen goals will be reached.